Wednesday, December 24, 2008

00:20 - Christmas!

At the time I'm typing this, it's 20 minutes away from Christmas, and yes, I'm spending it at home this year with Darling.
We were at Converse's warehouse sale yesterday and I must say, we've got alot of loots!
(Those who are interested, tomorrow is the last day, it's from 10.30am - 8.30pm,
at Alantic Sports Pte Ltd 27 Harrison Road :)

Anddddd! I'm gonna have to say sorry to some who texted me this week, my current phone really sucks, the lag in receiving messages is scary
Anything important, please give me a call!
You can text me if you want to receive my reply a couple of days later. (HAHA)

To end it off, here are 2 random pictures of me. (LOL totally abrupt)
Let's spend the rest of 2008 in a happy mood!

Merry christmas everyone!