Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gift exchange!

Actually I'm now in a rush so this post will be all text and no pictures.
I'm supposed to be getting ready and waking Darling and everything BUT
I haven't even sent out my postage and ate my breakfast and I need to be ready by 12
I (Okay, make it boyf and me) need to meet cousins by 12 and I think we're gonna be late.
%$#$%$^#$ (Random grumbling)

On the other hand, I'm so darn excited!
First gift exchange ever with cousins at Grandma's house, it's gonna be SO fun!
Okay got to go must stop procastinating! (On a random note, I think all 1989 peers are good at procastination. LOL)

(By the way Hui & Joel my dears, I've got small gifts for you two! ♥)
(Ah I wanna go watch Twilight and Yes Man! #@$@#%#)
(Okay REALLY got to stop typing random stuff. Goodbye all!)