Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finding 'Bixia'

(Random picture of the day: Pretty colorful kuehs')

You must be thinking, who the hell's Bixia?
The fact is, I do not know any Bixia(s) either.
(I don't remember knowing a Bixia in my primary school OR secondary school OR anywhere else.)

It's like the theme for today was, 'Finding Bixia' (In pun of Finding Nemo. Ha. Ha. Not funny.)
I received a call at 10.30-ish asking for a certain ___ Bixia. (Her name had 4 letters, cannot recall clearly)
Another at 2.30. And another at 2.49pm. (These 2 were just looking for plain old 'Bixia'.)
I gave the same response. In a very irritated manner.

And then, a text at 5.42pm (I know the exact time cos I was intently watching my show and it interrupted me)
An (exact) extract: ". heys em are you bixia's friend.? .i am her sister can you ask her to call home if you are with her.?"
I replied (damn politely, if I say so myself): "Eh I think you've got the wrong number, I don't know anyone named Bixia. :)"

So, at the end of today, after the search for 'Bixia'.
Sincerely, I really don't remember anyone by the name of Bixia.
I don't know where she is, how she is, whatever.

I hope tomorrow won't be another search for another (Insert random name here)..