Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Sometimes I think guys are being overrated on their intelligence.

My anger is aproximately at 87%.
(On a scale of head to toe, with my head being the highest, it is already at the nose level.)
After fuming for 10 minutes and trying to bring the percentage down by looking at pretty girls
it is still at 70%. (Which is around the neck area.)
(What, can't girls look at pretty girls also?)

I shall go to bed and pretend nothing has happened. I hope I dream of Toma like I did the night before,
cos if I do, I will be in a darn happy and hyper mood tomorrow.

Seeing him always makes me feel better. He's an escape route for me from total 愚かさ.
(This nerdy one is my favourite picture of him :)

Ah I've been going out everyday this week. My eyes really need a rest..