Thursday, November 27, 2008

Noodles in a cup

(Random picture of the day: Yesterday's sunset.
My phone couldn't capture the color properly though, it's supposed to be a very pretty pink. :)

I have a sudden craving for cup noodles. (I knowwww, out of all things cup noodles right)
These korean noodles are really good though. Slightttttttttttly spicy,
and they have MUSHROOMS in it! (Ah mushrooms are my most favourite foods everrrrrrr! But Dad hates mushrooms so Mom hardly ever cooks them)

Me & Darling's favourite korean cup noodles

Speaking of cup noodles, Darling bought back this cup noodle from Taiwan
which looks exactly as pictured on the packaging.

As in there's real meat inside! So cool lah!
I'll take a picture when Darling eats it, cos I don't take beef
(The cup [I think in this instance should be called bowl hahah] is pretty heavy by itself also, lor!
Meaning inside really 真材实料 [Meaning: genuine material and solid substance] leh!)

(Random: My friend just texted me saying,
'WAHLIEW! Ping ar why is your blog's background grey? Such an emo color sia!'
Hahah funny friend I've got)

(Random No. 2: After typing the post I feel hungry and my craving for my cup noodles has grown to a larger extent but I can't eat my cup noodles even though I have some in my cupboard cos Mom cooked dinner and it's not a small amount so here I conclude my very long sentence. HAHAH)