Wednesday, July 4, 2007

just finished up blogskin for new blog ,
&im pretty much done with everything online .
just came to blog before i went off ,incase anyone missed me .LOL =x

birthday's coming in afew days ,
but im not feeling the excitment hit me (yet?)
actually i dont hope to have loads of people to celebrate with me ,
it's just good enough to have loads of love instead .
true ? (:

i've never liked to celebrate birthdays in advance ,
cos it just means that on the actual day ,
i'll be all alone . (at least thats what happened last year)
thankfully God heard my pleas ,
&this year's 7July im gna be with precious Tako's&my darling (:
my only hope is that i really&sincerely hope that darling's not gna be bored !
super worried that i'll PS him or something ,or PS the Tako's .
complicated-ness .

i love you ,&i need you .
that's all you need to know (:

lol ,just came by to do some ranting .
need to meet a buyer tmr ,so i'll be heading to bed (or something)
(、それあれば) おやすみなさいの貴重な読者
good night precious readers (if any ,that is)