Monday, July 23, 2007

The Mouse Cursor ,magnified 1000 times.
This ,is bloody lame .
Wait for it to load&you'll see what I mean =_="

Rahhhs !
The weather nowadays is so temperamental ,
it was just so cold today ! (Even though I like it like this :X)
But I think it was the rain which caused me&my Darling to tio sort by the electric switch today T^T
My arm was numb for so long&my mom thought I was bluffing cos when she tried it ,nothing happened .
When the uncle&auntie (who rents the room) went to the bathroom ,
me&Darling waited to see if anything would happen .
¬hing happened !
Me&Darling got electrified for NOTHING .
Is it wrong to go to the toilet T^T

Went to Orchard with Shimin yesterday&crappppppped around as usual (:
I love her !
Not only cos she treated me to Crystal Jade (:D) but also because we can really talk when we're out .
It's like we never run out of things to say ! (Lol ,same case with piggysweetie)
Shopped till we were like ,dead beat !
Wanted to cab home but there was too many people at the taxi stand =_="
Ughs hate going out on weekends !

The day where me&piggysweetie were headed to Bugis .
(I have such BIG hair =.=")

I feel pregnant in this picture T^T
I think it's a sign I'm growing fat T^T

With the super-damn-nice Xiao Long Bao's .
She was supposed to pose but she got distracted by the ginger :X

If you manage to spot what's wrong ,
you win a prize :D

Look what's on Darling's wallpaper ! :D
(MEME ! :DD)

I love the belt but I sincerely think it's suffocating me =_="

I think I'm dying cos nowadays I've been having headaches
&the world spins (literally) all of a sudden sometimes .
Even when I'm lying on the bed T^T

Sometimes I just feel like I can't do without you ,
even though other times I feel like I can .