Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New blogskin peeps :D
Spent 21534152452452448 years on this -.-"

Piggysweetie said something cute last week ! She said ,
"Since your Darling has been staying for sooo long at your house already ,
you guys might as well get married !"
Lol ,we'll see when he proposes to me then ! :X
(Darling says he expects ME to propose -.-")

I was gonna buy black skinnies from here last week ,
but you know what happened before I even met her ?
I told her I wanted the skinnies ,&I could meet her up next week .
&THEN! The SAME day she email-ed me back saying ,
"Someone has already paid for the skinnies so it's not available anymore !."
Sheesh ! What a greeaat seller huh =/

23 July 2007 ,Monday
Went out with Darling to Ikea&Giant again :X
We always like shopping at Supermarkets&Ikea !
Was searching for table lamps&curtains for my room
but didn't find anything we fancied =/
So headed to Giant where we had urges to buy everything down
but only returned with sushi :X

Darling says he prefers wooden furniture until I told him about termites :D

Darling likes testing the chairs at Ikea .Lol .

28 July 2007 ,Saturday
Steamboat day with Tako's ! (& an extra Ken :X)
Met a complaining piggysweetie (who thought her outfit was ugly) at 7plus ,
called Greg to find out he just woke up ! (At 7 -.-")
&proceeded to wait for Chong @ Compass . (Waited for 20mins ! -.-)
Everyone was late except for me&piggysweetie ,that is -.-"
(Dammmn ,the first time we are punctual&this happens)

So we train-ed to Bugis&waited for the EXTRA guy there ,
then we walked to the steamboat place ! (I was starving !)
The guys took SO MUCH food -.-"
(I know it was a buffet ,but take until so much will eat till die one lei -.-")
We had so much food in the non-spicy side of the steamboat that
the food began to chao-ta -.-"
The only ones who ate in the spicy parts were piggysweetie&Chong !
(Who suffered stomachaches the very next day :X)
Greg ate one bite&his lips became sausage lips ! LOL !
Butbut ,there was one table beside us ,
one guy ate too much then he vomited -.-" Like ew !
&&&, the staff didn't clean it up ,
only cover it up with newspaper =/

Chong&his weird dunno-what-thing.

It was you who taught me who to love ,what to love ,&how to love .

I'm tireeed !.
No more tagreplying ! :X
- LOL Master Ping -> Like calling guy ! LOL . The picture hor ,actually only got one of the Durian Puffs but I photoshopp-ed into three .LOL .&&Harrypotter ,I xi guan liao ,cos nice to read luhs ! Hahaha :D LOL I go your tagboard try later .LOLOL !
- Hahaha ,aiyo say say niaa lar (: Don't angry luhs (:
- I bought it at a shop at Far East Plaza (: Lvl 3 (: