Monday, July 9, 2007

What a eventful birthday yesterday .
Cried for a freaking two times yesterday ,lol .
Don't ask what happened ,cos I'm not gonna give you an answer :X
But I'm glad everything's okay ,but the main point is I'm 18 !
*P/S: Greg ,your assumptions were true ! :X

Anyways ,THANKS! to the following people who wished me Happy Birthday! (In Order)
DarlingZip ,Piggysweetiee ,Joel ,Huihui ,Shimin ,
Serene (xLAMB) ,Joey (xBEAR) ,Chuchin ,Vanessa ,
Ken ,Weichong ,Greg ,Juan's Mom ,
Winnie ,Lareina ,Sabastian(Monkey) ,Gracie ,Evonne ,Low Ris ,
Khaiting ,Nelson ,Huixian ,Yuanfeng(Lion Heart) ,Boonyun ,
Jeffrey(the one in Army) ,Davin ,&&&
RENOMA(Ren ren) ,VINCENTx ,Cakcoi(Cakcak) ,ViRuSx ,
Johnny ,Jory ,Paramedic ,PCA&Stanley(CuteGuy) !

We went for "My Wife Is A Gangster 3" yesterday ,
the movie was damn hilarious , 4.5/5 !
The translators inside the movie were funny ,
translating rubbish instead of facts :X

As requested by Chuchin ,pictures are BIGGER . lol:X

piggysweetie&ME! waiting for train(:

Fudgecake piggysweetie got for me @ Cathay .
was REAAAAALLLY sweet .
&I had to pass it around so we ALL could finish it .LOL .

me&darling !
Going back to my house (:
He helped my to carry EVERYTHING
It kinda felt like I was abusing him though :X

Birthday presents from Preciousdears ! <33
Hui&Joel got THE EXACT pinafore I wanted without me telling them ,haha !
&Piggysweetie got me THE musicalbox I've always wanted ! Thanks sweetie ! *MUACKS
&&Greg&Chong's FLOWERS ! Aww ILOVEYOUALL! (:

&&Darling&My cups (:
It says 'I LOVE YOU' all over(((:

Thankyou all Tako's &&Darling for yesterday ,
though it failed (in a way) ,
but you know I reallyreally love you guys !
I swear I'm gonna give you ALL HUGS when we meet next week .LOL !

Pictures for 6July's Celebrations with Joel&Hui (:

Brownie !

I was pondering over what to wish :X

They forced me to make a wish catering to their 'A' Levels :X

Awws cant WAIT to watch Harry Potter next week when it premieres !
Darling promised to watch it with me (since other people promised other people to watch alrdy -.-)
Alrights heading to bed now after an rather eventful weekend ,
thanks everyone again !