Thursday, July 12, 2007

On a random night in a random post ,
I've realized something random .
I was born in the SE7EN month ,&am my Darling's 7th girlfriend .
Darling was born in the THIRD month ,&he's my 3rd boyfriend .
&& ,more random things !.
Darling was born on March twentySE7EN of 1-9-8-SE7EN ,
while I'm born on the SE7EN day of the SE7ENTH month !
&&& ,we became attached on 7july last year too ((:
Lol ,I did say it was random (:

Yaaaaay ,cant wait to see Harry Potter&The Order of the Phoenix next week with Darling !
Tickets are allllll sold out for this week already I bet ):
The only person I see not so hyper about this movie is piggysweetieee ,
she has no interest in Daniel Radcliffe .How can ?!

RAHHHH !! #$@#$%@#$
Can someone freaking tell me
WHY doesn't my blockquotess work in Firefox ?
It works damn fine in Internet Explorer ,why can't Firefox view it thennnnnnn ?!
*takes Darling's hand&BITES it :X
I sooooo feel like banging my head against the wall now x_x

Okaaaays .Now's the time to go FUCK .
DAMN html shit which won't allow me to see stupid blockquotes ,
DAMN Photobucket won't allow me to upload photos ,
DAMN I can't do a decent blogshop update ,
DAMN I can't blog about things I wanna blog without pictures ,

but luckily ,the ONLY thing that makes me smile is uploaded .
DAMN everything else .

DAMN my mood's ruined luh ,rahh !

Stress Indicator Test !
Right now ,my Score's 36 .
&the results ..
36 to 50
You are living under a great amount of stress. You should take steps to relieve your stress levels. Relaxation and stress control skills could be of great benefit.
well ,LOL .

May you stay
happy forever ((:
*huggggs !