Friday, July 20, 2007

I was wondering why some girls can look good dressed in just tees&shorts ,
&why I couldn't pull off that look . =_="
Awws ,feeling so bloody self-consious nowadays !
Keep having this kinda 'Dress To Impress' mindset nowadays :X

Harry Potter was AWESOME !
Love it love it love it ! Like to the maaax .
Daniel Radcliffe's eyes were so bloody piercing ,
&&Emma Watson was soo pretty it was kinda unfair .
(Fine I admit I was watching it only because I wanted eye-candy :X)
But I felt like the first hour of the movie was kinda draggy though :X
Too bad Darling didn't had much interest ,
he didn't understand much of the movie *depressed
Must be the influence of Harry Potter ,
have been using bloody abit too much nowadays :X
Who's in for Harry Potter Round Two with me ?! :XX

Just read Xiaxue's blog&it was bloody hilarious ,haha !
Can you believe Steven Lim actually called Xiaxue a 'Chicken Pie' out of alll the names he could call ?
Chicken pies are tasty ! I'm craving for one now ,hurhur ! :X

[1] Me: Darling ,take pic ! o(^^)o
Darling: Zzz..
[2] POSE ! o(^^)v
[3] Me: Yaaaay ! <3
Darling: =_=""

Outside Page One !.
Harrypotter everywhereeee ! :D

Had Long John Silver's for lunch (:
&suddenly we were greeted by the sight of a whole school of primary one students =_=" [Pic 3]

Sunsets (Or already set =.=)

Nightsights ,&& myFATlegs&Darling's skinny ones :X

Saw that Eeyore no one bought for my birthday = ~ ="

Pet Safari(:
Most of the puppies were already asleep ,awwws > , <


If I could have one wish ..

Tags to be replied tomorrow ! o(^^)o
Off to dinner with Darling (Lol ,yes at this time no kidding :D)