Monday, July 16, 2007

How smart are you?
I'm not even smarter than 1/4 of the population *depressed

This is really kinda M18 .Lol .
But it's really damn funny lar ,haha !

Well ,no idea why but people have been asking how old am I recently .
Do I look that young like a lil kid ?
Humans are weird creatures ,when they are young they always want to look older ,
but yet when they age ,they crave to be young again .
Is this why people usually realize something's importance only after it's gone ?

'Some' people think that their life's the worst&think about dying constantly .
Every single time it's the same thing .
"I think my life sucks ,I don't wanna live anymore"
Can you bloody wake up&smell the flowers ?
There're others out there who're cherishing their precious lives without having chances to live,
&I don't see them complaning about wanting to die !
You don't derserve any sympathy ,please stop acting like you do !
*I've not mentioned names ,hence don't make stupid assumptions (:

Darling caught a fever last Saturday&I was so worried it might be Dengue =_="
But luckily after I fed him some Panadol&water ,
his temperature went down (:
Gave me such a fright ,especially during such a time when Singapore's problems for Dengue are rising :X

Pictures time again (:

Hot sunny days like this = Huge Amounts of Sweats occuring ):
I'm so wishing the whole of Singapore to be air-conditioned -.-"

Baked Rice @ Pastamania .
See lar Weichong !
If you turned up ,
I would have finished my plate without leaving if half full :X

Candid Shot :X
Piggy&I were waiting inside Lavender Station for this girl for a swap .
Ended up taking shotssss ! :X
(Fine I was the one cam-whoring:X)

My Victorius Buys ! :D
After searching sooo many shops finally found that Black glittery bag !
There was even one store which an Uncle tried to sell us a the exact bag with a hole inside =.="
You expect me to buy that with a hole ,uncle ?

Whooots ! Am so excited !
Watching Harry Potter&The Order Of The Phoenix tomorrow with Darling @ Vivocity ! :D
Yay ! Daniel Radcliffe <3
(oops I shouldn't let Darling see my obsession with Daniel Radcliffe:X)