Saturday, June 30, 2007

typed this afew days ago but forgot to publish .LOL .
so i dont care this is to be published as June's post d=

Went to Bugis&Hougang ytd/Saturday/? with Tako's !
Met them around 2+ ,left darling at home a g a i n =x
Sorry darling ! Always abandon you at home alone when i go out =x
Went to walk around Bugis Junction&ate Fish&Co .
Seriously abit sick of this kinda food ,
couldnt finish my serving ,glad that Greg&Chong (the rubbish bins) were there to help ! =x
After that went to walk around at Bugis Street ,
where i bought a top on impulse (i was DAMN determined to spend money&REFUSED to go home empty-handed)
Wanted to head to Hougang to play pool after that ,
but it was kinda late so we just slacked around Hougang Mall area .
Random picsssss ;

Bugis .Bored .Pics .

Fish&Co . = ~ ="

They were selling this Pufferfish called Ping there .
To be honest ,it really looks quite . . . . UN-cute . LOL .

NLB ,thn Greg suddenly walked into the picture = ~ =

Piggydarling&my FAT legs .

Chong sleeping on the bus =x

the game that my darling LOVES =x

cos i picture us ,
walking hand in hand ,
towards the future together <33

can you promise to stay by my side ,&nvr to break this promise ?

evertime i rmb the fact that my darling's gna go into army in Sept ,
i cant help but tear up .
i try so freaking hard not to think of it ,but i cant avoid it .
the thought of not having him to be dependent on ,
the thought of no one to talk endless crap with me ,
no one to play silly phone games with me ,
no one to joke with me throughout the night ,
no one to pei me go to 7-11 should we get hungry ..
im lost ,so confused .. its' as if someone just taken part of me along with them ..

cos im quite sleepy ,so tags replied tmr =x