Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A woman who has had her shopping done is a happy woman ! (:
Shopped with Shimin today at Bugis ,&bought loads of stuffs !
Extremeeeeeely elated ,like EXTREMELY .Lol .

Anyways ,went to Darling's house yesterday to camp over. (:
Camped for just merely one day ,then proceeded to go out with Shimin today .
Almost got lost on the freaking bus ,sat till my butt hurt !
I was late for half an hour ,thankgoodness Shimin didn't abandon&leave !
*P/S: Darling ,Sorry! I won't be accompanying you to the checkup tomorrow !
But I'll give you a morning call tomorrow ,don't reject me ! :X
I'll make sure you wakeup bright&early tomorrow !

Shimin&me got approached by model agents today ,lol .
But sadly we were on the escalator when they neared us so we didn't finish hearing what they were saying :X
Well ,my apologies then ! (Though I doubt how big a difference it would have made)
But it was funny luh ,the whole situation ,
they talking but we were moving up the escalator already ,hurhur !

Saw a rude driver today on the bus 851 , (rude is an understatement)
there was an elderly who forgot to tap her card&the uncle ,
instead of asking nicely ,shouted at the elderly !
However bad it may seem ,did he had to shout ?
Freaking rude ,&it made the elderly auntie so paiseh !
(I freaking hate people who are so rude to elderly people ! ) >=(

Random pictureeees !
According to date taken (:

With Darling on bus 965 back to Yishun .
Darling was tired&he laid on my shoulder to rest while going back n_n

Pictures with Darling @ Northpoint !
The auntie working there was so cute luhs ,
she already had the coins prepared when my wallet wasn't even taken out yet .Lol !

Bugis with Shimin (:
People-watch midst eating&crapping ! :X

Spagetti I had ,with Shimin's Baked Riceee .
The spagetti was a tad sweet though ,but loved the onion rings !

Shimin bought them for me as a belated birthday present !
Yay another thing crossed off my wishlist =D
&& ,the cross necklace I've wanted !
It's the last one left ,hurhur !

Have you ever seen a guy with such blue eyes ? Awwws
(Fine I'm fangirling again :X)

But sincerely I really cannot wait for it to be out !
Can't wait to watch it with Darling (:
It'll be his first Harry Potter film ,hurhur !

If I say 'I Love You' ,can I keep you forever ?
If I say
'I Love You' a million times ,can I keep you for a million forevers' to come ?

I love my shadesssss !
&I'm a satisfied woman ,hurhur ! (: