Monday, September 17, 2007

Aww, thanks! But I'm not la, haha =x Thank you anyway! =D
Haha, I won't treat you like him okays! Don't be lost darling, we kanbette together! Love ya! =D
At least you got a job I can't find one! =X I hope we won't meet 454854545487 years later k! =X Miss ya! (:
Darling!! I miss you lot lot lot!! =(
Yes yes, where's the spagetti you said to cook for me? =X
Lol, I'm only human dear sweetie =x Of cos will pain =/ You give me hug & I won't pain anymores! =X
Haha, I will!! Thankyou jinggggg! I saw the Xzhu vids on your blog, made me melt lor hahaha =x
Haha, thank you! I'm cheer-ed up already! (: Hope to see ya too! :D
LAMBBBB!~ Aww where's my hug?! =X Hahah, thanks lambbb! =)
I know he will luhs, but the waiting time very long.. =( Thanks sweetiepie! (:

THANKS ALL for tagging & consoling me!
I'm really feeling quite okay now, no worries! (:
&& I have ALOT of pictures to update today,
so all might take awhile to load (:
Be patient people! (:

P/S: I'm at Qns 50 of The Impossible Quiz: Part II already! (:

12 September 2007, Wednesday

Went to Courts with Darling to settle payment for Mummy,
but I couldn't pay cos she needed the Account Number!
(Later Mummy told me she went there & just paid without her Acc. No. ,the cashier bluff me! -.-")
Walked around Ikea & Giant (again) & went home just in time for my 7pm show =D

He's trying to promote Yeo's! Lemon Barley drink =X
I'm promoting my Sony Ericsson phone! =D

Let's get drunk tonight..

14 September 2007, Friday

Friday was a sad, sad day. =/
My eyes were all swollen from crying on Thursday =X
Thanks to all my darlings who aided me through the day! I love you allllllllllll! (:
Went to Tekong Island by ferry & almost vomitted cos the boat kept swaying!
Ugh, hate boats!
Ate & walked around there, (saw so many botak's, LOL)
& then headed off to meet Tako's @ Plaza Singapura for dinner! (:
The Pizza Hut there had a nice ambience, I like!
(P/S: Sorry to my fellow Tako's, who were probably frightened by my sudden breakdown @ Pizza Hut =X)
We went to play basketball @ the arcade & almost got hit by the ball, lol =X

On the ferry @ Changi (Er, I'm not sure where either =X)

Darling's little sister, Xueting (:
I always like holding her hands, hurhur (:

The meal they provided @ Tekong, very fattening indeed!

Sausage baked pasta (Or something I forgot -.-")

Creamy Pasta (Or something -.-")

Spicy Drumlets

Fruity Paradise (Or something. FINE I'm horrible at remembering names -.-")

Beloved Tako's!
Greg is the one in yellow (:

15 September 2007, Saturday

Headed to Pasir Ris, Simei, then Bugis all in a day!
3-inch heels killed my legs totally, blisters everywhere! =/
Went to Simei's SE Center to fix piggy's phone but I don't think they did anything except scratch her cover -.-"
(There are a few dents on her cover now)
After which we shopped & rested our poor legs @ Bugis Cafe,
& I gave up on my heels & took them off, walking home barefooted =X

She's enjoying the Coke float (:

Very niceee coke float! (Which cost quite much =X)

Onion Rings

Spagetti (My loves!)

Mountain Fries

Heels which killed me.

She's my other half & I'll die without her (:

In the lift, barefooted. LOL.

So it's 11 days more till 28 September..
It's the calls that you give me daily that gives me the strength for the days ahead.
They're vitamins for my heart <3