Saturday, September 22, 2007

- Yea, well, sad things are most often true isn't it? =/
- Lol, the price is amazing too! =X But hor not sure if the brand can be trusted though. =/
- Mine's a different version dear. & it's more towards relief, not funny. LOL. -.-"
- Will it be 25648748412 years later? =X
- Hey! (: I'll ask Leemin & tell you again? (: Thanks for asking, anyway! ^^
- I am feeling better, thank you! (: The font's called Arabic Typesetting, you can download it @ (:

Fight for kisses.
As from Xxingg's blog (:

Watched repeat of Shoot! 3 on Channel U last night,
& all I can say is,
Steven Lim has truely disgusted me more.
So all Xiaxue did was speak afew truths that were not nice to hear about (Ever heard of 忠言逆耳?)
& you had to kick up a ruckus.
Wow, what a man.
No wonder you have to try so hard to get a girlfriend (or stead as you term it)

LOL. Just browsed through my Friendster pictures & realized there are 4 idiotic fools
who have commented bad things about me.
(Even though I have no idea how they got there cos my profile is private)
Lol, I think those losers should get a life luhs. (They probably don't have one, duh)
Hmm, one of them said to buy me a new BIG mirror, so,
'Hi sweetie, please don't be a bitch & remember to send it to the right address! (:'

Was gaming just now with IGC & Mayi who kept me very occupied with their gay talks!
Howeverrrrrrr, I got irritated cos I kept meeting people who KS-ed my mobs.
Well, stop KS-ing me before I get flared up & PK you! =X
Lol okok, I'm being random again =X

Yay! Tomorrow (Or today) is Sushi Making Day with Joel & Huihui! ^^
Will post after tomorrow (:

& it's 6 more days.

I miss the times when I wake up & I see you smiling at me,
coming towards me to give me a warm hug.
I miss the times when I go into my room & you'll turn back & smile at me,
calling: "darling!" with a beary hug.
I miss the times
when I forgot to bring my keys,
& all I had to do was knock on the window pane so
you could open the door with a smiling face,
giving me the, 'Why you're so blur!' face.
I miss the times
when I had blisters from wearing heels
& you would chide me sternly, saying, "Don't wear le lah!"
just because you were feeling the heartache about the pain.
& what I miss most is the hugs & kisses I won't be getting as much anymore,
the missing resence of you by my side.

There's this feeling tugging at my heartstrings,
it's the first time I'm missing you so deeply.












  多么璀璨的爱情,有一天,都要脚踏实地,何必把标准定得太高?因害怕寂寞而去爱一个能令你不再寂寞的人 ,因为想得到他的爱而去爱他,有什么不对?