Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Impossible Quiz: II
Part 2 of the Impossible Game series! I only got to Question 10 this time =/

Animation VS. Animator
Play as the animator to defeat the animation! :D

Mum's bicylce seat got stolen by some bastard (She used exact words herself :X)
& got "The 'Man' of the house" to help her fix it :D
Mum was so happy she kept making him eat alot during dinnertime. =X

I was just trying to buy one 70c stamp from the S.A.M machine -.-"

Lunch @ Bugis Cafe with Shimin!~
Food wasn't all that great but it was the company that mattered!
(Food wasn't a big serving & yet the cost was! Zzz)

Out @ 3am, again =x
We just love doing this kinda silly things together, heh =x

Stop saying things like it's okay, it's okay cos it's really really not.
How would you feel if someone you've grown so used to seeing every single day,
they're gone in a instance?
Would you feel it's okay?
Would you not feel lost & sad?
What I'm in is a cold & empty room now..

2 more pathetic days.

I really really cannot stand guys who keep telling me they want to die.
I really cannot.
If you freaking do not cherish your life, I will not talk to you.
It's as simple as that!.

I swear, this is the most difficult thing
that I've ever been through.

Life without you.
I promise myself not to cry,
but everytime it just pours..