Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bah, I'm feeling so goddamn guilty today!
I'm so sorry my dearie Huihui!!
I really didn't mean for our shopping trip to end so fast today,
so much for my anticipation =/
I promise I'll make it up to you!
Sorry dearie! =(

Darling is sick today!
Rushed home after an hour's worth of shopping with Huihui dearie when he called =/
He got 2 days of MC, & plenty of medicine =(
Perhaps I shall sneak a picture of him next time =X
He's looking thinner & thinner each day, aww =/
DARLING! Get well soon uhs!

& I've realized today,
hmm, I've got some pretty decent friends that are gonna last me a lifetime (:
I'm a happy lil' girl today! (:

• The guy who loves you, cannot tell you the reason why he loves you. He only knows that in his eyes, you are the only one.

• The guy who loves you, will always make you mad, but he will never know what stupid thing he did, because to him, everything he has done is for your own good.

• The guy who loves you, seldom praises you , but in his heart, you are the best, & only he knows it.

• The guy who loves you, will scold or complain if you din't reply his messaged but not others, because he cares.

• The guy who loves you, will remember every word that you said, even by accident. And he will use those words always at the right time.

The guy who loves you, will not give any promise that easily,because he doesn't want to break the promise, he wants you to trust him, and he will always give you the happiest and safest life.

The guy who loves you, always tell you not to think too much, because he has already planned it for you, he wants to give u the best life in the future, he wants to give you a suprise, believe that he can do it.

The guy who loves you, maybe he can't remember special occasion like anniversaries, but , he do know that, every second he lives, he's loving you, no matter what day is today.

The guy who loves you, would say "i love you" on and on,because everything he has done for you shows that he loves you. He will say the word at a special situation, because he dun wan u to misunderstand, he wants to make sure u know that he still loves you.

• The guy who really loves you, will feel that, somethings hav to be said for only once, because he thought that u hav understood him, if talk too much, there will be nothing for you to cherish.

The guy who loves you, will go to airport to fetch you, he won't carry a bunch a rose and call you "darling, what you expect?" but he will carry your luggage and ask you " why hav you became so thin within two days?" with a sincere heart.

The guy who loves you, will listen quietly to you when you are mad, until you're finished, he would say, "you still got class tomorrow, sleep earlier." with a smile.

• The guy who loves you, won't know that whether he should call you or not when you are angry, but he will send a message to you after few hours, ifyou ask him why he didn't call that late, he will say, "when you are angry,my explanation are all rubbish. But when you calmed down, my explanation will make sense."

• The guy who loves you, will always call you 'little girl', b'coz he wants u to stay young n cute all the time. But everytime before making a big decision, he will first want to hear your opinion n advice.

• The guy who loves you, while quarelling, he will apologize without seizing, althought you are the one who's wrong, and later, he will sent amessage to you with "baby, actually its your fault, you know it urself"

• The guy who loves you, while really miss you, he will want to buy a bunch of roses and wait for you stupidly under your apartment, without even telling you. But in his heart he knows that u can sense his presence n u'll come on ur own.

The guy who loves you, will not always understand you, or never will know when u'll get angry, but he is actually trying his best to understand.

• The guy who loves you, will buy u something u least expected on ur birthday, but he actually had planned that gift, months before ur birthday~

The guy who loves you, would find it very hard to the first 'i love you',bcoz he worries that u might not like him. He worries of loosing u.