Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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EDIT* : I realized I tagged people with the wrong date
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Is THIS post! 25/09! =X

This is my twin & she says 'Hello!'. LOL.

Just because someone doesn't love you in the way you want them to, doesn't mean that they don't love you with all they've got.

Ohmygod, this quiz is so long T_T
Tagged random people to do this quiz! Hahaha =D
Will update by tomorrow if possible, I'm lazy to edit everything! =X

Tagged! i have been tagged by HUIHUI!

1) List out your top 5 birthday presents u wish for:
  • BIG! Elmo plushie! (Or anything big & huggable, lol)
  • Flowers (Which piggydarling fufilled for my birthday)
  • A birthday celebration with alllll the people I love celebrating it with me =D
  • A proposal on my birthday! (Lol, I admit I really do think alot =X)
  • $.$! (Did I say more? Lol!)
2) The person who tagged u is:

3) Your relationship with her is:
She's my darling bestie & I love her! (:

4) Your 5 impressions of her:
  • Superrrr cute,
  • superrr lame (like me! =X),
  • always there when I need her,
  • & she's reallyyy pretty but has not enough self esteem =/
5) The most memorable thing she had done for you:
She understands me well & is there at my lowest point. ILOVEHER!

6) The most memorable words that she had said to u:
I will be there for you de darling!! (Aww see that's so sweet right? =D)

7) If she becomes your lover, you will?
Become LES! =X

8) If she's your lover, what she has to improve on:
LOLOL!~ I will force her not to diet cos she's pretty the way she is already =D

9) If she becomes your enemy, you will?
Nah, never!

10) If she becomes your enemy, the reason is:
Lol, impossible to happen la. =D

11) The most desired thing you would like to do for her now is? :
Go the the ZOO! & BIRDPARK! after Joel & her exams! Yay! =D

12) Your overall impression of her:
Pure loveeee (:

13) How do you think people around u will feel about u:
Me? Um, blur & dao & fat. LOL.

14) The character u love about yourself is:
My listening ear? Dunno.

15) On the contrary, what character u hates about yourself:
Tend to overwork my brain & end up being emo.

16) The most ideal person I would like to be:
Uh, I have no idea.

17) For the people who cares & like you say something to them:
You guys have never failed to bring me smiles when I'm down! You all are pureeee love! I swear all our friendships will last forever & ever

18) Pass this quiz to 10 people that u wish to know how they feel about u.

#1 Darling!
#2 Chuchin
#3 Evonne
#4 Ervine
#5 Gracie
#6 Jiamin
#7 xbear
#8 Piggydarling
#9 xlambbb
#10 April

Who's #2 having relationship with:
Lollll, I have no idea. =X

#9 a female/male:

If #1 & #10 be together, will it be a good thing:
CANNOT! What about me?!

When was the last time you chatted with #3:
Uh, sometime ago.

#2 studying about:
Her O levels. JIAYOU CHUCHIN! =D

What kind of music does # 8 like:
We used to likeeee LUCIFY together, heh!

Does #6 has any siblings? :

Will u woo # 3? :
Eh. I'm not les la.

How about #7?:
Not les la, besides she's attached! =X

#4 single:

Surname of #5:
Omg. I have no recollection. -.-"

What’s the hobby of #5:
I think she is quite into Zhong Ji Yi Jia recently. =X

#3 studying at:
Bishan ITE.

Have u try developed feelings for #8?
She's my darling already =D

Where does #9 live:
VERY VERY VERY far from me. LOL.

What colour does #4 like:
Judging from his blogskin, I should think blue. Guess de. LOL.

Are #1 & #3 best friend:
They are siblings. What do you think? LOL.

Does #7 like #2?:
*Gasp! Not possible la. LOL!

How do you know #2 :
Lucifyyyyy =D

Does #5 has pet:
Er, no idea either. -.-"