Tuesday, May 1, 2007

pics as said (:

new FLAT phone .mine's like two times the size of hers .LOL

until now i havent eaten the sweet ,hurhurs .
it's supposed to be like a fortune sweet ,tells your luck der .
i cant bear to eat it lar ,haha =x

ate at Billy Bombers the other day while going out with piggydarling&gang .
Billy Bombers really cost a bomb ,lol .
actually okay lar ,nice food with BIG servings !

cheeeeesecake !
bought by piggydarling for ME !
see she dotes on me soo much ! <3

random pic/pigs (pun intended) .LOL .given by random dears&darlings !
biggest one given by piggydarling ,hurhurhur ! (x

i smile when you smile ,
i cry when you cry ,
i laugh when you laugh .
everything we've been through together .

6 days to me&darling's 10months !