Saturday, May 5, 2007

omg ,dunno whats wrong with firefox nowadayss =.="
firefox cant show blogger post thingy correctly ,cant reply to emails in the new hotmail either ,zz !
but internet explorer laggggs my comp ,dunno what to do =.="
so many =.=" ,lol .

got my shades via mail ytd !
only $5 ,sucha steeeeaaaal luhs !
(lol , so auntie-ish =.=")

i finally see business picking up after being so stagnant for sooo long !~
hahahah !
moneymoney = shoppingshopping !
lazy to go out shopping nowadays cos been blog-shopping too often .hurhurs !

2 days to 10 monthssss !

baby ,can you stay with me till forever ?
hold me in your arms&say you'll stay ,please ?

to that childish idiotic freak who tagged using other people's name ,believe in KARMA . (:
whatever you do ,will get back to you der .
be careful huhs ! ((:

p/s: i know for Internet Explorer users ,there's one funny-looking scrollbar at the sides of the profile there ,will edit sometime laterssss (: