Wednesday, May 2, 2007

mom bought home Jay's last movie on VCD so am gna go watch it after blogging ,hurhurs .

no zi lian pictures lately cos i had a ugly haircut .
grey says i look like a barbie doll T.T
piggy says i should be happy cos dolls are usually cute or pretty .
but i am neither pretty nor cute .

went to woodlands last week to meet a seller .
omg ,she's really really pretty ! has BIG eyes ,prettypretty !
she's probably the kind whom will turn guys' heads der . *jealous
LOL . (:
nice person too (:

bought a new wallet ,exact same one as this ,only mine&piggy's silver-ed (:
we have twinny wallets ,LOL .

have been blogging recently ,bored .
hurhurs .i have no lifeeee =.="

5 days to 10 months !