Monday, April 30, 2007

majorsadnesssss )=
the dress i wanted ,omg sold ler !!
i freaking swear i emailed the person ,but she nvr receive dao .
ohwellssss =.="

went out with piggydarling chong&greg ytd (:
at first went to meet a buyer at hougang ,thn piggy&i realized we got nothing to do .
so called chong out !
watched Retribution ,omg is a bumb der show .
the show is about these few people ,cos they saw this girl in this mental hospital/asylum &they nvr do anything to save her from dying alone ,
so they all died .
.... -.-""
waste my $9 !
somemore the ghost in the movie can FLYY ! lol ,still can open door walk out those kind .
so diao can . like superman liddat ,hahaha (:
luckily greg nvr mentioned his poly life things ,i'll BITE him ,hahahah =x

feel like changing my blog link !
but lazy to ask ppl relink lei ,how ?
im lazy ,hurhurs (:

STILL finding a job .
anyone got lobang ?

went to meet this girl last week ,she was late for half an hour =.="
forever i met buyers/sellers ,always they late der .LOL .
thn when i was going home ,i was fixing the earpiece for my phone thn ..
i knocked into a lambpost .
right infront of a bustop FULL OF PEOPLE .
omg ,so dui lian lar ,i quickly walked to the end&hide my face =.="

it's okay .
i've long ago gotten used to life when people has forgotten my existance .
things come&go ,im always as alone as i th0ught . (:
at least i know my darling ,piggydarling ,chong , greg &shimin will be here with me (:

mybabybaby ,you're the one for me
tell me im the only one for you too <3

pics next post !
comp is laggy cant connect my phone =(
off to pei darling play his game ,LOL (: