Wednesday, May 9, 2007

went to Vivo on monday with darling to watch Spiderman 3 !
(shu bian to celebrate our 10months ,hurhur)
a much anitcipated movie for both of us (:
i must say ,its really a niceeee&touching show luhs !
almost cried in the end ,but told myself i mustnt cry in public ,hurhurs
the end ,good overcomes all evil ,as always ,haha (:
Kirsten Dunst is soo pretty&Tobey Maguire .. has his cute times
but would say the black Spidey looks much cooler thn Peter Parker ,hurhurs =x

prettypretty MJ ! (:

after that we went to slack at the 3rd floor ,
wanted to head to Daiso but too crowded&darling hates crowds ,
so we slacked around the 3rd floor ,both talking craps ,hurhurs =x

after that i went to darling's house to stay for afew days&tadaa !
im home to blog (:

zi-lian(s) again ,hurhurs ^^

forgot to mention !
i bought something from here tdy ,
omg ,waited for the girl for like 1hour !
wait till my leg peng !
suan ler ,count myself as suay ! =.="

10months but i promise you ,
we'll be just like a fairytale ,
living happily ever after (:

yes bitch ,no matter what it is or how it used to be ,i still hate you . (: