Friday, May 18, 2007

warning: picture-heavy post .
okay lar ,nt really that picture heavy .but anyway ;

summary of what i rmb i did last week (:

Saturday ,12 may 2007
got my 2nd pair of shades ! wahahs =x
waited 1hour for them&headed home to rot .
Joel called to go to Ikea ,&we went with Hui (:
some MAJOR madness ,haha !
looked around at Ikea after which we headed to Giant to buy LOADS of things ,
thn cabbed home ^^

i still cant believe THREE teenagers can buy this much .
even my mom doesnt buy this much seh .LMAO .

Friends are for LIFE ((:
my beloved joel&hui ! ^^
i love them&they love me ^^

shades !
i like this black/white coloured effect .LOL ^^

Sunday ,13 may 2007
rushed to Hui's hse in the afternoon cos of some matters ,
after which Joel&Sabina came also (:
crapped&laughed&crapped like MAD .
MAJOR fun !
love hanging out with my dearssss ,cos we always have so much fun !
we were like a bunch of crazy ppl without control =x
headed home at 10/11pm plus ,gamed with darling till internet went bonkers .

i told you it was crazyness .LOL !

Monday ,14 may 2007
met darling at 4+pm&was so suprised he had a haircut !
looked much neater&younger ,LOL =x
we brunch-ed at Marina Square&walked around at Suntec ,
i beat darling at Daytona ! wahahs ! =x
we shopped around till 10+/11&i headed to darling's hse to stay over ^^
spent a WHOLEBUNCH of money on capsule machines ,LOLOL !

@ Marina Square (:

Fountain/Laser thingy at Suntec .
lol i dunno the actual name luhs . =x

saw this ultra FAT koi at Koi Garden there .
we also saw a almost dying fish ,too disgusting to take pic =x

our brunch !
the main object is the one in color ,our japanese meal (:
but i couldnt finish ,let darling eat till he bao dao ~~~

capsules ! so cute&so many ,hahah =x
&&also so expensive -.-"

one of the capsules !
is a PiGGY torch !~
kawaii =DD

Today/Ytd ,17 may 2007
arrived home at around 1+ cos i had to meet a fellow blogshopper for a swap -.-"
met her at Outram Park ,thn went home .
so boring lor ,LOL .
&the item i swapped really .. bu zhi de lar -.-
slacked&blogshop-ed ,&tadaa !blogging !(:
other random pictures (:

somebody went to pull out the 13th floor button in the lift ,LOL .

taken while walking home (:
addicted to this effect recently ,LOL !

another pic taken while walking home (:
told you i was in love with this effect !
took me sometime to do lei ! =x

Xueting !
my darling's little sister (:
same zodiac as me lei ,hahah ^^

&im in love with you ,
just like you're in love with me (:
10mnths11days darling ((:

i cant stop thinking about the non-existing future would you calm my fears if i told you about it ?i feel so so depressed&emo whenever the thought pops up ..because i just cant bear to lose you ..whats gna happen after the army days ?can you stay ,take it as a plea ,please ?