Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i hate those ppl who keep nudging me on msn when my status's AWAY .
is it very fun ?! Nudging lagggggs my comp !
cant you see im AWAY ? its there for a reason ,duhsss

badmood badmood .
my grandma's in a even worse mood .
i dunno what to do about her :(

im gna visit her on thurs with flowers !
buy her something before going .
with my darling .
i hope she will be happier&i hope she wont stop thinking about dying !
makes me FUCKING sad .
she dotes on me damn loads when i was young ,even up till now
&i love her alot ! <3

i hope i can find her hse on thurs .
&i love alllllll my friends lar . <33
thanks for replyin in such a short time when i was sadddd (:
this is for Hui ,Joel ,&piggydarling ((:
&&thanks darling for agreeing to pei me to visit my grandma (:
i love you guys LOTS ! <333

rahhhhs !.
heading off ler ,
gamin with darling . =x