Thursday, August 31, 2006

my nose is BLOCKED. like COMPLETELY. i hate being down with flu. cos sometiimes will dizzy de. like just now den ii fall down piak so pain sia = =" DORTS. feel so RETARDED like some 1500 year old. LOLS.
no one in my group is gg back to school tml/today to visit the teachers. like xiaoPIGG & Chong working. so sadd sehhs. = =" but horhs ii doubt go back le they'll most prob like; how're uu failing? LOLS. okay la iim just being bad. whatever. lalala~
uu know the INTERNET is supposed to be WORLDWIDE? meaning uu dont exactly have to stay somewhere just to use it. go look up the dictionary. DUHHS.
i love you as much as i love my new crown ring. and also the SUPERduperCUTE turtle. ONLY uu're cuter la. lalalas~ ((: