Thursday, August 10, 2006

wahahas. the song that jingg's blogg is playing now is making me ultraHYPER de. iish FENGG by jayCHOU. HIS favourite song sehhs. LOLs. = ="
anyways. SO ii didnt update. the results was DEFINATELY nort what ii had in mind, but heys, so what? SO MLB won. but Lcify's probably gonna rock the whole mandopop scene if they are gonna produce an album. heard WarnerMUSIC's gonna sign them on. so yeapps. iim awaiting for THAT moment. x)) LUCIFYrocks ! ((:
ytd went out with some exBAND peeps to watch mySUPERxgirlfriend. kindaa LAME show but overall okay lorhs. wanted to watch CLICK but ended up some watched it le so nv watch. but the outing ytd like so SIANNS lorhs. = =" zzz.
ONEmonth, 3 days and STILL counting. ii DO miss uu alot. sighhs.