Friday, August 18, 2006

lalalas~ =)
returned home today at abt 9forty plus after gg to plazaSINGG with j0ey; Serene and jingg (: we went there to pay for the lucify 5th outing stuffs. at first we went burgerking sit cos Serene habben eat. so we pei her. den we ended up keep talking about LUCIFY. LOL. den the result is uu'll see FOUR keesiao de girls keep laughing laughing laughing den also dunno laugh about what. we sat there for like; 1 hour plus? LOL. after that we went pay the thing and saw LYCHEE. based on her looks really cannot tell she liddat de lorhs. SIANN. where gort people liddat de. LOL. some people read le will have alort of ??? ba. but nvm. ii also lazy explain. shes NORT worth my time ANYWAYS. den we walked walked around PS and ii bought the furryGREENapple. so cute horr! LOL. ii think out of the WHOLE ps we spent the MOST time at actionCITY lorhs. LOL. a bunch of girls going CRAZEE over the stuffed toys; esp the HORSE and the COW and the PIGGS. LOL! i cant wait for SAT siaa. omgomgomg. LOL. shud say ii CANT WAIT TO SEE VICS. >"< muahahahas xDD
lalalas~tml gg to NTUC to buy the picnic stuffs with my mom. so hyper! LOL. also dunno why ii so HYPER sehhs. everytime see my desktop alrdy will like. WAHAHA. = =" LOL. iim gg MAD. there's only ONE person who can cure me.
OKAY LA actually got 2 laas. = =" still got my ahgong. LOL.