Wednesday, August 2, 2006

ii cannort believe my cousin just came up to my com and deleted my blog entries. zzz. its okay. forget it. shes a KID. tolerance IS the KEY to KIDS. it rhymes. hahs. = ="
anyways. e5 chalet. quite some fun, really. (: met up with some old friends from 4e5 also. weeets. me and xiaaoPIGG took cab down on friday 6+ den they were having BBQ. cos we ate liaao so we went downtownEAST walkwalk. den we ton whole NIGHT went to see stars (: we even saw a shootingSTAR sehh >"< ii made a wish but cannort say if nort wont come true le >"< hehs. we waited until see sunrise.. really damn niice the whole scene. being there with uur friends from high tide see till low tide.. if with boyfriend sure even MORE romantic de =XX hahas but being there with my friends nice also laas ((:

before the sun came up at 4am 5am plus ((:

6+ nearing 7. the sun was halfway up. ((:

last picture. the other pictures too big shall resize THN upload here. this iish Larein posing, and Hazim with xiaaoPIGG searching for hermitCRABBS. hahahas = ="
actually the whole chalet also did nuthing much only tonSLEEPplay lorhs. hahahas. basically slack alort. but yeaps was quite fun norhs (: hope nxt time gort another one ba ((:
thn thn thn !! on sunday went Lucify 4th gathering with j0eyy serene and vivian ((: we sat SO close to them lorhs but sadd damn sadd cant take pictures >"< Vics was so cut he kept on eating and eating = =" Kuek had his sunglasses on he kept burying himself under the cushions. They were alort quieter today worhs. hahs. Vics was cute. thats all ii can say. hahahaha (goesCRAZY) like see my MSNnick uu will know what happened. = =" (( e[V]erlast[I]ng[C]razine[S]s. ddeLUCIFIEDpiggster(: )) hahahas. VICSrocks. j0eyy wud agree with ME. hahahas. = ="