Monday, August 14, 2006

deleted some of my april and may blog posts. most of the pictures links nv work and ii sounded so EMO-ish anyways. WAIT. ii AM emo. LMAO. ohYA. untilNOW this very minute iim STIL waiting for the sms lorhs. den is so siann-ish de zzz. haiish. = ="
i LOVE my new blog picture sehhs >"< ii even set it as my desktop lorhs. so ziLIAN horhs LMAO. cos got VICS den gort LUCIFY ma lalalas~ furthermore its PURPLE norhs. ii stay til lik 3am to do it ytd de; lalalas ^^v den finally satisfiedd with the outcome hehs (: even thou theres more VICS but ii stil like MISAKI de worhs. hahahaha. only that VICS more niaas =xxx lalalas`
MSN has been logging me out often this few days. cannot go into it dunno why den its like SIANNs cos ii wanna talk with j0ey jing they all den can hyper about the outing. LOL. but the MSN keep ^%$!!#@ de = =" anyways we're gg to the 5th outing nxt week together~ lalalas so happy sehhs ^^v maybe shud buy something for vics to eat~ heh hehs xD den can buy something for Kuek also since ish hiis birthday ^^ we'll see first ba.
ytd sat went out with greg and xiaoPIGG to watch antBULLY. the whole storyline quite lame lorhs. littleBOY always bully ants so the ants made a potion to shrink him. LessonLEARNT; dont go bully ants unless uu want to become SMALL like an ANT. LMAO. but dde whole story nort bad larhs for a familyCARTOON.
ii hope ii wont have to waiit 50 days until uu're FREE cos 5 days was alrdy the MAX last tiime ..

errs. ii nv copyright doesnt mean people can claim as their own horhs. blehhs xP