Monday, August 21, 2006

actually iim lazy to post about ytd's events. lalalas. overall nort bad; apart from being OVERCROWDED. = =" LOLS. anyways; SFVM gathering was wayyyyy better. =xxx LOLs. shall let pictures explain stuffs. for more pictures; head to the lucifyME forum. there's like 19 photos there. LOL.

this was my FAVOURTE picture sehhs. very cute horhs!! Kuek blowing BUBBLES. ((:

awwws. so sweet! >"< ii also want! LOL.

scroll => for whole picture.

happy birthday to you~
ii hope the next gathering wont be so PACKED laas. so packed abit scary leiis. want get auto or take picture have to wait for like 500 years. LOLS. lalalaaaa~ VICS((:
iim still scared to talk to vics on msn laaaas =xxx