Saturday, August 12, 2006

sometimes when uu're expecting an sms and when the sms finally arrives;
its NORT who uu want it to be.
its kinda sad. whats sadder that its actually HAPPENING.

there's 2 Lucify gatherings next week. all squashed into 1 weekend. = =" at least ii get to see Vics both ddays. HAH. let's see whats gonna happen.
sleeping is good. iim deprivedd of it anyways. so ii'll go to sleep early and disappear away for lets say. 500 years? HAHs. tml will be changing the blog picture to a new one tomorrow. ADDICTIONS; ADORATIONS; and LOVE. which mostly means more VICS to come. HAH.
maybe iim just lying to myself when ii put on a smile for the world to see. maybe tears are my only friends forNOW. HAHS.