Tuesday, September 5, 2006

last weekend went to GREGG's hse with xiaaoPIGG and CHONG to rot = =" also dunno whats the purpose but anyways it was kinda fun in a way. = =" we went to watch MONSTERHOUSE. funny the movie! the house grew legs and chased after the kids and old man = =" LOLS. but overall the whole movie not bad la. stil got some parts scared me siia! >< lols. animation stil can scare me like i so mei you yong = ="

my CROWN ring's so WEAK it BROKE liaos lorh. the crown part broke off for the 3rd time even after i used superglue on it and i was like @#!@$@#!@ .. zzz it cost me like 8 bucks and i wore it only like ONCE. = =" at least i found my OTHER ring; i thought i lost it awhile back but i found it again! yay. but stil SIAN 1/2.. zzz.. haiish. = ="
the 7th day and still counting. i hope i dont have to count till 14 cos i dunno whether i'll still exist by that time.
sometimes i wait and wait and wait; and i realise;
what am i waiting for actually?
are you coming back?
i just know i really miss you; alot alot.
words arent enough to express what iim feeling.