Wednesday, October 22, 2008

(Random picture of the day: One of the albums I've been listening to.
It's hard to find a chinese rock album, and even harder that I like all the songs in it. This is it :)

草戒指 Cao Jie Zi - Y2j神木與瞳 Sheng Mu Yu Tong

(Lyrics available at the Imeem link, have left them in a comment :)


Not many admit the truth, but in reality, the world is a disgustingly superficial place.


I caught Kurosagi (finally) last week, & I couldn't stop squealing throughout the movie (lol)
I will never forget the scene where Yamapi said, "I'm sorry", and he ____. (I bet they cut off that scene in Singapore cinemas lollll!)
Overall I enjoyed it, even though I had no idea what Maki-chan's role was supposed to do.


I love going out in the middle of the night with Darling,
the peacefulness and quiet is something you'll never get to feel in the daytime.

This is the very cute (but expensive) Yukie (Or Yuki?) in Hui's house. She's tiny.

And likes to hide under the bed.

Something I drew for birthday girls

Very delicious chicken rice at Golden Mile food centre, 2nd floor.
$2.50, inclusive of a bowl of soup.
Left one's chocolate shake, from other side of 2nd floor. Sweet but not overpowering. $3
(Never sit under the umbrellas at the 1st floor unless you want cockroaches crawling over you.)

It was quiet at 10am.

I looked blur cos I just woke up from a nap. Yes I slept with lashes on, I was lazy

Do you see what I saw? (Apart from Darling's laundry ahem)

Ah for the next 3 weeks, I'm going to be very lonely. Date, anyone?