Monday, June 18, 2007

lol clicked the wrong blog&almost blogged this at my blogshop . =X

updates for weekend !
16 June 2007 ,Saturday
was supposed to go out with Chong Greg&piggy to go cycling !
but Greg's grandma died so we postphoned the date )=
dont be sad Greg ! me&piggy will give you a hug when we see you ! =)
me&piggy metup for a meetup (?) at Tampines ,
shopped around&i bought my desired Red patent heels at $10/pair !
legs almost broke cos i was wearing heels all day - . - "

my Red patents !
love the ribbon at the back lar ,so cuteeee =D

17 June 2007 ,Sunday
slacked at home with darling&went around downloading Brushes&Fonts !
thn went out with darling in the middle of the night (3 - 4am+) [lol i know we're crazy]
walked arond&bought loads of snacks !
darling was happy&i was happy too ! ^^

the vending machine we spent a bomb on =x
still got other people buy ler forgot take ,thn darling&i take&eat .LOL !

junkfoods ! =DD
my diet's saying bye-bye to me liao - . -

he's my precious precious darling boy (:

18 June 2007 ,tdy
stayed home again cos it was raining ,ruined darling&my plan to go to Giant !
hence we're going tmr instead !
dunno why ,me&darling love to shop at these places&buy loads of food ! LOL .
he say he wna make me as fat as possible = . =
i have a premonition that my diet's heading for the drain .. =X

要我说一千遍我爱你 我都嫌不够
只要你在我身边 我什么都拥有 …

cos im trying damn hard to forget you're going into the army leaving me alone . )=