Saturday, June 2, 2007

it's JUNE !
finally May's over (:
seem to take 154534 years before it's finally over ^^
&&, it's 35 days to being 18 ! =D

wahahs ,went out with 'TAKO's on Thurs ,31st May !
we actually only wanted to have lunch&seperate ,
but in the end Chongzi&Greg didnt abandon us&stayed with us slacking around ! =D
they're all my precious friends ,love them loads ! =DD
we went to Tampines' KFC to eat first ,
thn walked around at Tampines Mall&Century Square .
took neoprints cos it's been such a long time since we took pics together ! ^^
i bought lollipops for Chongzi ,darling&myself !
After that went to Pasir Ris to have meetups with this girl
(who had a bunch of lian/beng-ish friends)
&spent TONS at the arcade's basketball machine ! =D
were absoutelutely addicted ^^
had a most CRAZY day&i hope we can hang out soon ! =D
&&, sry to darling !
cos i go out with them abandon you alone at home =x
but you were nice&didnt stop me from going !
thanks darling ! lovessss you loads ! *hugggs (=

Greg walked off so no greg =x

i love her like she loves me (:

deco ! ^^

Chongzi ,Greg&piggy playing some machine gaming thing .LOL .Chongzi most power ! =x

yay ! neoprints ^^

my&darling's lollis ! =D

i wna buy more shades !
but both darling&piggysweetiee say i've been spending waaaaay too much !
&lately everybody ask for swap only got lil ppl buy ! .__.
rahhhhhs !
nvm ,wait till next week after i've met the girl
i'll have 30bucks . ^^
LOL ! =)

what should i do ?
troubled ,not like it's something i can help him with .
i really wna do something instead of feeling so small/useless )=
rahhhhhs !.

'cos sometimes ,
all i need are your arms to hold me tight ,
to shelter me from the rest of the world .