Friday, June 15, 2007

back ! ^^
nt gone MIA ,is cos Courts sent the comp quite late (only received it ytd) so till now thn can blog =x
all i can say is , Windows Vista = zzz -.-"
like 97% of my old programs cannot work on Vista ! = . =

i forgot what i wanted to blog about&im hungry ,
so blog again in the weekends yeps =))

meanwhile random photos (:

new comp ! hohoho !
with darling's hand ,nt mine . =DD

neoprints that i took with darling last time (:
forgot to upload ,hurhurs (:

spagetti !
ate it while at compass last time with my mummy&darling !

Sunrise view as taken from darling's home (:

at Hougangmall with my piggysweetie (:

candid shot by darling =.=

i think its time to change my hairstyle . =x
&im going on a diet !
aiming for 48kg&below ! >"<

as 7july closes in ,
i realize it's more thn just 1 year we've through together ;
darling you're the most important to me ,you realize ?