Sunday, January 28, 2007

doing some shameless advertising . lalala
blogshop me&xiaoPiGG set up .go take a loook ((:

it's not a good thing to sleep when you're feeling full . ytd i fell asleep and i had a nightmare .not verrrrrry nice one .cos i dreamt i died . T.T dreamt i was pulled into the water and i drowned to death . zzz ,not very good omen for upcoming 5feb ,issit T.T

5feb ,doomsday is coming . im going to ITE . lalalala .

okaays ,random . was eating this the other day

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
and i realized this expiry date had the same date as my birthday ! hahaha ,told you it was random .

无 聊 的 一 天 ~

i have no idea why i hate her so much . maybe it's cos of the fact that she's after my boyfriend ,DUH .
this is quite accurate ,in a way i guess ((: can go try it for yourself ! (((: