Thursday, February 1, 2007

gahs ~

extreme busy-ness with the blogshop lately ! so many things to deal with ,so many emails to reply ,and so many meetups to go to T.T i've already gone to cityhall 3times this week to meet people tml will be my fourth T.T but its' my own choice (with xiaoPiGG) to open this blogshop so we have to carry this responsibility ! ((:

wells results are not out but i can say assurely ,im really going to ITE ,no kidding . i know for myself results are like crap and my family doesnt even have the resources to send me to Poly anyways . my only worry is that im really scared i cant make any friends there .. =((

okaays ,short post .im being flooded by emails ! gahgahgahs ~ ><

xlamb; lOls ,actually more or less confirm le la .but thanks my dear ((:
daiis; ahahah ,but Mars got my birthday on it lei ~! =DD i also dunno why so early this year ,very saddening lei before Valentines&new year =__________=" ahahaha this is not negative ,is preparing myself for the worst ! ((:
april; aiyohs ,i have to tell everyone the same thing seh .hahaha ,jiu .im going to ITE .decided confirmed .lalala ((: