Monday, January 8, 2007

SiAN !
last post before i go off . it's TONiGHT ! good times fly by fast luhs . the bad time draws NEAR . im so not looking forward to LEAViNG . )))= i freaking pray that PLS WHEN YOU SEE ME DONT PINCH MY CHEEKS . though i know they're fat . =.= gahs ~ hope time FLiES when im there !
ytd night some funny things happened . was headed to the kitchen to get some junkfoods when i saw the auntie renting my room walking towards me ,looking behind her . so i was like ,okays . dont care her . thn continued my way .thn she suddenly turned ,saw me standing right infront of her and she was like (O.O) [almost fell down] . LOLS LUHS ! was like ,okays am i that scary ? while walking back to her room she kept turning back to gimme weird looks . LOLS . qi guai de ah yi . =xx
can anyone tell me what is the deal with guys keeping girls' photos in their handphones ? like there's not enough girls on the streets for you to oogle at . duhs .

things i will miss while there .
  • my TELEViSION . they cant receive mediacorp channels there . )))= that means no teevee from MONDAY to FRIDAY . okay luh ,monday not included .
  • my COMPUTER . omg ,no freaking internet access . i will DiE ! life's gonna be like . crap . =.=
  • my BED ! which has my EEYORE pillow & my STUFFEDDOGGIE ,etc .
  • my WEiXiAO PASTA VCDS. which i havent finished watching . i'll be dying to know how it ends .
  • my MASCARA . mom says i look like a ghost with it so she's forbiding me to bring that . now that's really CRAP . whats that compared to my NAILS ?
  • my ONLiNE FRiENDS ! those people who tag/gimme testimonials often are missed THE MOST . =DD
  • my REAL FRiENDS ! esp xiaoPiGG luhs . )))=
  • && . MOST IMPT . my DARLIN DEAR ! will miss him TONS&TONS&TONS . ))))= sigh . okaays now i really dont feel like going . GREAT . ))))=

alrights . gotta stop here & see what i lack in all the trash im bringing there . will upload some PHOTOS whn im back . those in my list will be notified by sms . lol . sounds like lucky draw win prize liddat . whatever luhs .

6 months ,it's neither short nor long .i thought we could manage not to have a fight on the day of our 6th months anniversary ,but it still happened .it felt so wrong ,& i was so hurt .why do we have to fight even on such a special occasion? maybe we didnt mean for it to happen ,but i hope we can stay happy and stay together FOREVER .netherless ,i know me falling for you is never a wrong decision & i'll stand by it always ,till forever if possible .i know i love you .quarrels cant be avoided ,but one things' for sure .at the right times ,we can just click ! and everything just feels so right . i love you dear ! =)

-i really really dont feel like going to that freaking stupid place now . i really really dunno how im gonna endure F0UR days of not interacting with ALL MY FRIENDS ,esp my DEAR . SiGH . feeling down . dont even think im gonna enjoy myself there . *&#$!@#!@ -