Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i got my canvas shoes today ! weees another thing crossed off my wishlist . ((= and all in the name of new year ,paid by my mom ! shes being ultra good to me this year luhs ,last few years she wouldnt allow me to buy soooo much clothes just for new year de . hmm maybe cos the malaysian temple had a prediction that she would fa cai soon . hahaahas =xx but i still wanna buy the plain black pumps i saw at compass point ! maybe would try to find time to buy it next week when i have the finacial resources . =DD
went out with my mom today and we watched night at the museum . funny movie luhs ,but my mom thought it was average .maybe because she wanted to watch the curse of the golden flower but no suitable timings .hahahas =xx got JAY lei got JAY ! hahaha but according to my darling she say he not much dialouge . T.T eee why liddat ! his voice so nice lor not much dialouge . hahahs =xx anyways , going to meet my dearest MiDNiGHTSAFARi tml ! we're re-watching deathnote 2 at Vivo ~ weeeets ! this is the first time we've been out together on events not concerning Lucify . =DD
im attempting to use eyeliner nowadays . =xx just attempting no real results yet . but practise makes perfect ! anyone knows which brand of pencil eyeliner can last long and wont smudge ? the one i use like smudges in TWO pathetic hours and i look like a panda . hahaha =.=
awwws Weixiao Pasta's ending was so sweeeeet ! proposal in public and 11 roses .. so damn romantic and sweeet luhs ! 11 roses = wo zhe yi sheng zhi ai ni / i'll only love you this life . i want 11 roses too luhs ! T.T but i'll doubt i'll EVER get it . make it never . i know he doesnt read my blog anyways. HAHAH . whatever .

awwws gonna clean off my striped nails soon )=
but will do them again ! wahahaha T.T

i was blog hopping and i came across this girl Joy's blog .. she's only 16 yet she speaks the tone of a mature adult ..reading her entries has really sparked emotions i've felt familiar with before her most recent entry her boyfriend has broken up with her for another girl yet asked for a patch afew hours later..if it was me, would i have done the same thing and get back together ?i've thought about this before ,long time ago when i discovered HER(___W*) existance ..because i went through what she was going through..heartwrenching trash .i hope the girl and the one she love can sincerely overcome all obstacles ((= bless them ! as for me .. i hope we can overcome all obstacles too ((= i have to have faith ..