Sunday, January 14, 2007

wooots ! im back people . okaaays ,actually was back since friday morning but was VERY lazy to update .since i cant fall asleep now ,might as well blog ! =DD

i cleared sooooo many items off my wishlist during the trip ! wahaha =xx everything there was cheaper by like half and my mom was paying for it ,so why not ? =xx (that doesnt sound very right =xx) on monday while we were at beachroad waiting for the bus for to start ,we realized there was people fixing the bus and i was like i hope it doesnt work so i dont have to go . & my mom said , i'll say the same thing to you when we're on the bus back . T.T my mom bully me ! lOls =xx the first movie i saw on the bus was .. pretty grossed out by it . the first thing i saw when i opened my eyes halfway during the movie (i was sleeping) was this guy ripping out a lil boy's head & thn biting into it . i was like .. okaays . thn at that moment they handed us some fruitcake to eat and i realized it was kinda . red in a rasberry way . but i lost my appetite anyways . lOls . collage ! only 16 out of the 50+ pics i took ,pure laziness . lOl ! =DD

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malaysia people really do like to eat nasi lemak alot . i see it on the breakfast table for the continous 3-4 days i was there . && they wake up freaking early . 7-8am ? me & mom woke up at 9 and they said we slept till so late =.= whats there to do so early in the morning anyways . &&& .during my stay there i bathed in COLDWATER for the freaking few days .omg ,almost FROZE to death ! the showerhead literally drips water out at the rate of 5drops/minute or so .next time i go im lugging my water heater from singapore along . if ever i go again . which is like 45412 years later . wahaha =xx
i lost half my contact lens there . like one piece . i really dunno why i so blur that time sehs . i put in one eye de contacts le ,thn i thought ,hmmm since my lens solution finishing le use finish first bahs .so i poured out the liquid from the lens case and refilled with new ones .after which i realized . eh . why my vision like one side so blurrrrrr de . & i was like . DAMNIT ! i poured it away into the sink liao T.T thn for the rest for the day i went out shopping with ONESIDE contacts . =.= see everything was like ,abit clear but blurred . LOL . =.=

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my checker-ed skirt ! && . kneelength socks . =DD what i wore out today =))
today went out with xiaoPiGG to bugis .was crowded ,but not as crowded as before .maybe all went to Vivo . lOls . we went shopshop there and i bought another checker-ed skirt ! lOl ,can say is xiaoPiG buy for me de .thanks my darling ! =DD i think after my obsession with STRiPES now im beginning to be obsessed with CHECKER-ED stuffs & SKULLS . LOL ! maybe i'll post all my buys up here tml . maybe if im not lazy . lalala ~
endless quarrels .wtf is wrong with us nowadays ? are we nearing our end ? i really really dont want this to happen ,but i cant control it .all the fights we've been having ,it's driving me mad !i know i should trust you i should i should ,but everything i've been see-ing tells my mind no .can you or will you tell me the truth about everything ? the only thing i can seem to trust is that you love me .. can that conquer everything ? i love you ,i really do ,and i love you too much to lose you ..

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lOl . i guess im stuck with him & he's stuck with me thn . =)))

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