Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NEVER get into a LOVE when you mean to BREAK it ;
Guys drink to forget about the girl...
Girls drink to think back about that guy..
When guys are in love, they become poorer
But when girls are in love, they become prettier

Guys can forget, but cannot forgive...
Girls can forgive, but cannot forget..
Guys care most about the quantity of love...
But girls care most about the quality of love..

Guys break-up when they feel love from another girl...
Girls break-up when they feel separation from her man...
Guys feels curious towards all girls...
Girls feel curious towards the guys who are interested in her..

When guys are heartbroken, they try to forget the girl by going out with other girls...
When girls are heartbroken, they try to find his Characteristics from other guys...
Guys wishes to be her first love....
And girls wishes to be his last love...


y e s t e r d a y -
1. friend(s) you saw: Jiajia, Cheewei, some peeps.
2. Person you Talked to on the phone: HiM, xiaoPiGG.
3. Texted message : HiM, xiaoPiGG, Davin, others i forgot.
4. Messaged over friendster: nopes.
t o d a y -
1. Wearing Today: brown spagh top&bermudas.
2. Better than yesterday?: today's DEFiNATELY gonna be BETTER =DD
3. Last person who called you?: HiM, xiaoPiGG.
4. Last person who texted you?: read 3, dumb.
t o m o r r o w -
1. Is: Wednesday.
2. Got any plans: going out with HiM ! =DD
3. Dislikes about tomorrow: haircut =xx nervous ><
f a v o r i t e -
1. Number: SE7EN !
2. favourite color(s): PURPLE, BLACK, WHITE, ORANGE.
3. Season: autumn
c u r r e n t l y -
1. Missing someone: [nodds]
2. Mood : B0redom.
Q's & A's
Q: First thing you did this morning
[ got kicked in the butt by my mom asking me to wake up. = =""" ]
Q: Last thing you ate:
[ fried rice ]
Q: do you have anything bothering you?:
[ uhhuhs. ]
Q: What's annoying you right now?:
[ the same thing bothering me lOr. ]
Q: What's the last movie you saw?:
[ DEATHNOTE !! L L L ~ ]
Q: Do you believe in long distance relationships?:
[ maybe. ]
Q: Is there anyone you like or, love and vice versa
but can't have relationship with?:
[nahhs. im having a relationship with the person i want to have a relationship with. ahahaha =DD]
Q: What was, is the reason behind it?:
Q: Are you both still, are friends?:
Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right
[yupyups. HiM, who else?]
Q: Do you think that a person is thinking of you
[hopefully he's thinking of me like im thinking of him.]
Q: Where is the last place you went?
hougangmall&compasspoint with my mom.
Q: Do you look like your mom or dad?:
Q: Do you have any pets?
Q: Do you smile often?:
i think so. LOL.
Q: Do you wish upon stars?
it's childish, but yea.
Q: Are you a friendly person?:
i like to think i am one =DD
Q: Who's bed did you sleep in last night?:
mine? duhs. LOL.
Q: What color shirt are you wearing?:
Q: What were you doing at 12 last night?:
i forgot. =____=" i have STM la~
Q: Do you have more guy or girl friends?:
more girlfriends, definately.
Q: When was the last time you cried?:
Q: Do you get angry easily?:
depends on the matter itself.
Q: What was your last thought before you went to
sleep last night?:
hais. saddistic piece of crap la.
: Take any vitamins?:
t are you about to do?:
bath &sleep !
Q: Do you ever check your phone waiting for
someone to call?:
all the time.
Q: Who was the last to fill this survey?:
i forgot. again. too long la. LOL.
Q: Do you like the person?:
Q: Rate life as of right now 1-10:
7.75 =DD tml it'll be an 8.25 and above =DDD