Tuesday, November 7, 2006

today marks the start of my O lvls.
chuchin! lets go jump sea together =xx

and i've yet to get my tickets for THIS. =___________="

today had Maths&Humans paper. Maths like left soo many qns blank can. =xx Social studies stil managed to write THREE PAGES FULL of crap ! plus a few lines more for section B la. was like totally sian diao falling asleep le. i was actually daydreaming during the exam can. =____=" thn its like. zzz. hands write till breakin le super SUAN ! but sit last row good cos even if u stretch or anything wont disturb people. ((= lOls. Maths paper was like damn easy in the beginning few pages la. thn after the few pages was like wth? o.o"" sure die.
aiya anyway everything also sure die. LOLS.
i have a CHEMISTRY paper in 7 hours & 13 mins.
sit last row can see people zhuo bo again.

i missed GONG today ))=
going to SENTOSA tml though! xDD
shall update when i come back. maybe thurs ba thurs i no papers. ahahah~ =)

im supposed to be stressed&nervous.

do you trust me too much to realize
as easy as you might get me
i may just walk away from you as easily?