Wednesday, November 22, 2006

errhhs, i think i spelled the name of the shop wrongly or something. corrections anyone? =___="

went out with my mom today to walk around. she wanted to get clothes for my cousin's wedding this weekend. i slept at 4am ytd and woke up at 10am. omg, yao wo de ming lor. [o.o""] i was so tired thn i kept listening to LUCiFY de songs. LOLS =DD we went hougangmall and walked around and i got some rings and stuffs. and my mom bought a skirt ! shocking sehs. i known her for 17 years and the number of times i've seen her in a skirt can count with my fingers. the salesgirl very clever, she knew her way with words and when we walked out from there my mom was actually praising the shop ! omg, whats gotten into her brain. LOLS.

anyways. pictures for ytd's pool game, orchard lights and others. ytd's pool game was xiaoPiGG VS Greg and xiaoPiGG won hands down. LOLS. Greg was so sad la, he was like i won weichong i won weichong's friend but i lost to xiaoPiGG. LMAO. super funny la. the place was like deserted when we went in to play [okay i sat down to WATCH] and there was like NOT A SOUL besides us. LOLS. the tv was so dusty got people take the pool cue to write on the tv screen le. LOLS.

some japanese curry me&HIM cooked. tasted not bad, not spicy at all. probably because the package stated MiLD. LOL

this guy PM me thn he said,
"im not scolding you but calling your name. your name is pigg ma right?"
...... [= ="""]

Orchard,, white christmas tree foutain. they have it in 4 colours near HMV. think white looks the nicest =DD

outside Paragon.

Taka water fountain.

lights along orchard road

sunrise ! taken in the bus on the highway =DD

the PURPLE pool ball. LOL.

xiaoPiGG&Greg =DD

me&xiaoPiGG =DDD

the losing guy arranges the balls. Greg some serious shuai-ness !! [o.o!!]

my new STAR ring !! lalala =DD

adults are weird. like when you rent a room to someone, it's like common sense to let them put things in your fridge right? thn why complain so much when they're doing just that? its not as if they're not paying rent. When they watch tv till the wee hours at a barely audible volume, you complain again. what for? they DO pay part of the electrical bills, not as if their rent includes it all. if you want to ji jiao so much, why did you even rent the room to them in the first place?
sighs. ADULTS. =alrytes, thats all for today. headin to SLEEP cos im going for a haircut tml ! =DD
anyways, new tagboard people ! RMB to TAGGGGGG =DD

please dont let my trust be worth NOTHiNG at all.
iloveyou,so i trust you.
i hope whatever i see is only one-sided .
hopin `