Tuesday, November 21, 2006

it's OVER .
it's OVER . .
IT'S OVER ! ! !

not this over la, is my Os is OVER ! YAY !
the results are ; sure CMI de ((=
omg, CMI i stil so happy. =_____="

today was last paper, science MCQ. quite easy ba but then some answers i just tikam. lalala~ got one guy in my batch, wahs pro sehs. the paper was from 8 - 9 and he came in at 8.40am. that time most of my batch all sit there fa-dai liaos lOr thn when he sat down he was SUPER FRANTIC sribbled all the way and i was there daydreaming about my precious bed. LOLS. im evil lalala~

i found this in last issue of I-weekly. the highlighted part found it quite meaningful. "if divorce was illegal people wouldnt want to get married so easily; if feelings were meant to be for a lifetime, why would there be such a thing as divorce?"

some christmas lights at some shopping centre. forgot where le. STM la, LOLS.

some more pictures of some POOLPLAYiNG by GREG&xPiGG, and the Christmas Lights at Orchard next time, havent uploaded them into my comp. imLAZY. (((=
anyways, my tagboard is MiSSiNG, i dunno WHY too. =____=" just drop me an email or something for something impt. toooooooooootpid TAGG. =xx AND ! MSN WONT LOG ME IN LA #%*$%@ my comp hates me nowadays. ))=

i know i shouldnt judge a book by it's cover .
but should i trust what i saw ?
if everything was an accident ,did fate arrange for me to feel this way too ?
God ,i feel so horrible .
everything he does ,i ponder ,does he do the same to that girl too ?
i feel so .
hurt .
trust him ,ping . you know you should .
after all ,he's your boy . have a lil' faith in him before throwing all your unsolved mysteries out .right?
` lost .