Thursday, November 2, 2006

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ahaha. found this while searching for YUL's pictures!
so funny de can! stil got 2 ponytails so cute la!
went to Vivo on tues. But kinda lazy to upload the pictures cos quite alot. lOls. i got damn many things i want buy laaaaaaa~ but no $$. unless $$ drop from the sky. lOls! what i talkin la. =xx

ohya. the email for Nov 25's concert sent! turns out now everyone have to pay $30 le la. zzz. Heard another piece of news is that tml is the date to pay! [o.o"""] but no one say anything i also dunno =___________________________="

more GOONG pictures >"<

mostly YUL anyways. lalala. =)

i find myself drowing in my tears more often thn im supposed to.
more&more questions appearing, but no answers.
everything seems dumb.
i seem dumb.
i am dumb.
some guys are total !%*$!@# sometimes. whatever.