Thursday, November 9, 2006

a) If you could collect ANYTHING in this world, what
would they be?
collect LOVES. =))
b) Who's your fav. character from a series?
EEYORE !! eeyoreEEYOREeeyore~ >"<
c) Are you banned from anything?
what can i be banned from sia
d) Which is better: a husky/squeaky voice?
husky is better thn sqeaky bahs.
e) Define beauty.
beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. =]]
f) Are basketballers better or footballers?
basketball. basketballers are taller and not as many people chase after one ball. HAHS.
g) Brains? Bravery? or Brawny?
h) Candy or Ice Cream?
depends what flavour icecream.
i) Do you MSN/Yahoo/Gmail/ICQ?
j) What is the most annoying song you have ever
listened to?
those loudloud canto songs. piang, really is $%!@#
k) Who is your driving force?
HIM. like who else?
l) Are you a pessimist/optimist/realist?
depends on my mood. if im emo im pessimist. happy mood jiu optimist. HAHAHA
m) Which football club do you expect to win?
dunno&dont care. apparently you never read (f)
n) Are you a spoilt dumb brat?
NO. dots.
o) What makes you smile?
him. VICS. erms. xiaoPIGG? &happy stuffs lOr.
p) Pink or purple?
q) Do you like decorating your room?
r) What kind of house do you want?
somewher i can live with my furture guy jiu can le bahs. dont need to be too big as long as hes there with me =))
s) Like interior designing?
hai hao ba. more into graphic&fashion design.
t) Holidays/School?
DUHS. like who will pick SCHOOL.
u) Have you been manipulated?
fxck those people. =xx
v) Responsible guys/girls are just...
responsibilty always falls on the person who doesnt want it.
w) When was the last time you went somewhere?
erhs, ytd? i went SENTOSA with my dear =)
x) Fav. chatting partner?
xiaoPIGG&HIM&SHIMIN&myfellowLUCIFICANs. ahahahas =xx
y) What is your current mood?
pissed. =xx
z) Math is...
- on friday.

tOday no paper! weeets =))
got maths p2 on friday, history paper nxt fri and MCQ on next next monday thn im FINISHED =DD
my physics paper ytd was like quite easy even thou i never study. LMAOS. =))
but since chem also fail also no hOpe le. =]]

pictures from trip to vivO&sentosa =))

vivo 2nd storey de fountain. it emits smoke somemore! =))

they put this at the third story splash pool there de. =_____="

THIS thing actually blows bubbles!! but i think it ran out of bubble solution or something. hahaha =xx


some garden in Sentosa. =)

found these TURTLES in this secluded area in Sentosa. =) but got some dumb people pass by feed maggie mee to those turtles and made some hell of a noise there. piangs, ruin my mood.

im taking a picture of him taking a picture of the turtles. =))

the sea is washin away my footprints..

view from Palawan beach =)

some MERLION =]]

captured the motion of water =)

musical fountain !!

stil got FIRE de can. the fire was so strong even though we were sitting far away we can feel it lOr =___="

outside vivO =)

LOVES. =))


my cousins wedding is on the 26th. Lucify concert 25th. Fish auto 25th. woooots. November ima busy girl. LOLS.

of life.
which is why im willing to cry my eyes out for you everytime.
which is why i reject all the other guys i meet.
which is why you're the only one who gets my hugs&kisses&everything else.