Wednesday, September 27, 2006

there are SOME people out there in this world who are SO full of themselves it's irritating. damn irritating CAN.
if u think u're SOOO good for others. go find other people la i never tie u to keep talking to me right. just fxcking go away. i never block u in msn already nice le hao bu hao. zzz-ness.
NVM. shall talk about HAPPY things. =) this sat got 6th gathering~ >"< weeeets ! is celebrate VICS&misaki de bday de >"< omgOMGomg cant wait siia! butBUTbut i havent buy anything for VICS >"< !! and i cant afford to buy the iPOD iMAC he wants la VICS im only 17 hao bu hao = =" zzz funnyGUY zhen shi de =xx LOLS. but whatever i gonna buy its bound to have a DUNNO on it de lalala~ hahahas =xx
hmmms.. den friday ish coming le.. and next saturday is 7oct le! >"< die la die la i havent prepare hao the present >"< tml must RUSH le cos he friday coming le =xx so many things to do this week.. hao man arh~ LOLS =) but in the end blame also must blame on myself cos i procastinate ALOTALOT = =" but busying myself for smething like this the feeling bu cuo! hahahs nvm most of u read le also (-_-??) hahahas~ LOLS =xx
prepaid card so fast no money de zzz.. = =" haiis top up SOON bahs AHGONGG if nt laters friday wont be sucessful le =xx lalalas~ i hope friday comes REALLYREALLY soon.. time's passing sorta SLOW nowadays =xx

AHGONGG de sister;
SUPER ke-aii CAN! >"< the way she talk u'll never know she's just FIVE >"< lalalas~
BTW. my nails are BLACK again. HAHS! xD